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                 HISTORY OF IRP      

                In 1990, in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Paul C. Tatham, Jr. had a unique vision to form a new state-of-the-art Internet based, full service Real Estate franchising company.  This low initial cost concept with ongoing low monthly fees was designed to put more money in the pockets of the brokers and agents, while still providing full service to their customers.

            Mr. Tatham’s first step was to create a memorable logo that would be both the identifying symbol of IRP, and be very eye-catching as well.  After a great deal of soul-searching, he hit upon the three flags of the North American Free Trade Association, or NAFTA, which are the USA, Canadian, and Mexican flags.  He then proceeded through the lengthy process of trade marking the logo with the United States Patent & Trademark office in 1994.

            Mr. Tatham recognized that in order for his franchisees to be successful, he would require state of the art training manuals. This resulted in his association with Cecil Daniels; the 1996 Educator-of-the-Year for the NAR. Cecil has written the basic documentation for the ongoing training for IRP franchisees and also helped establish the separate components which have resulted in the IRP Family concept of products and services.

            Mr. Tatham opened his second franchise office in 1996 in Benson, Arizona and over the next four years  IRP grew to more than 80 offices. In 1998, Chuck Chlarson was elected President of the Corporation, and one of his first accomplishments was to streamline the overall administrative program for the growing company.  IRP is now established in 6 countries, and 6 States.  The unique feature of the franchising concept by keeping the initial fees low coupled with the flat rate monthly program eliminates the need for audits and percentages of the individual office’s gross. This simple concept has made it very enticing for previously independent brokers/owners to come on board with IRP. At this moment IRP is only selling Master Franchise’s for individual states at the low price of only $75,000 per state. This short term low investment price is designed to springboard the IRP concept quickly across the country before our inevitable competitors decide to duplicate the concept. We have a well established track record and do not see this as a threat, but none the less we would like to be established in all states as quickly as possible.

            In conjunction with these unique features of the franchise, Mr. Tatham searched diligently for an affordable E&O insurance package, and a user-friendly MLS system. Search for this latter component resulted in a system that allows the consumer the opportunity to view all IRP franchise office listings at www.  These features together with other associations  such as a business card company, state of the art web hosting services, a sign company and an embroidery firm to keep prices reasonable are all designed to aid the members of the IRP Family. These features in a tested ready to go package enable our new franchisees to get a head start on their competition and at the same time the security of knowing that corporate IRP is always keeping their best interests at heart.

            Master franchises  for an entire state start at 75k

and $125.Per Agent. 1-800-FOR-SOLD

            Currently, IRP has expanded into the hospitality industry with their new franchising concept  International Inns.Com . This new franchise is based on the same concept that we have used successfully with the real estate industry and we are now poised to duplicate this with the hospitality industry.

            There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for IRP, and a very rosy future indeed!